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Government Projects

Structural Demolition

Atlanta's Historic Viaduct Dismantling: Spring Street Bridge Removal

DHG was subcontracted by C.W. Matthews to demolish and remove the two viaducts in downtown Atlanta.


Demolition of Robert Hitch Village Housing in Savannah, GA

DHG contracted by the Housing Authority of Savannah to provide the demolition and removal of 51...

Asbestos Abatement

Camp Lejeune Pre-Trial Detainee Facility Demolition: D.H. GRIFFIN's Complete Abatement and Demolition

Complete abatement and demolition of multiple building associated with the Pre- Trail Detainee...


Antoine Graves Demolition: D.H. GRIFFIN's Multi-Story Building Demolition for Housing Authority of Atlanta

DHG subcontracted by Winter Environmental to provide the demolition of two multi story buildings...

Asbestos Abatement

Marcus Stubbs Tower Demolition: D.H. GRIFFIN's Successful Implosion and Abatement in Savannah, GA

Asbestos removal and demolition of 15-story apartment building in Savannah, GA. 185,000 sf...


Piedmont Courts Demolition: D.H. GRIFFIN and DARI's Asbestos Removal and Demolition for Charlotte Housing Authority

DHG performed the asbestos removal and demolition of 34 buildings. Project included over 230,000...


Lamar Terrace Public Housing Demolition: D.H. Griffin's Abatement and Demolition Project in Memphis, TN

Abatement and demolition of this public housing complex. DHG performed 100% of the demolition of...

Emergency Response Services

Emergency Demolition: Hard Rock Hotel Construction Site Cranes Brought Down by D.H. Griffin Wrecking

On Saturday, October 12, 2019, there was a collapse of a portion of the Hard Rock Hotel under...


Cape Canaveral Launch Towers Demolition: Precision Work Within Air Force Safety Guidelines

Contractors worked within stringent Air Force safety guidelines to take down two launch towers...


Enhancing Transportation Infrastructure: DHGI's Contribution to NCDOT US-421 & NC-87 Sanford Bypass

In 2009 the NCDOT awarded this $27,600,000 project to DHGI through a competitive bid process....


Noojin Building Demolition: City of Gadsden Project Summary

DHG performed the demolition of this 93-year old brick structure using hand work and long arm...