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Demolishing a commercial building is no simple task. With countless steps involved, and your safety and money on the line, it's important to choose a group of skilled professionals you trust to carry out your project. Fortunately, D.H. Griffin offers a wide variety of commercial demolition services to Greensboro and surrounding areas.

With 60+ years of experience under our belts, we have the knowledge and expertise to tackle demolition projects of all sizes. From single-story office buildings to large commercial complexes and multi-story structures, no project is too complex for us. We are committed to demolishing your commercial building safely, on time, and within your budget. 

We Are North America's Trusted Commercial Demolition Experts

When you choose D.H. Griffin, you choose a seasoned demolition team with a proactive approach to problem solving and communication; one that helps us identify potential roadblocks and combat issues before they arise. Regardless of the project size, we'll work closely with the General Contractor and/or the Owner, as well as other subcontractors on multi-contractor sites to ensure that you're kept up to date with our progress and satisfied with the final result.

Whether your commercial building is outdated, condemned, or just taking up valuable space, our commercial demolition services may be suitable for your situation. We'll safely remove the structure, leaving behind room for a new building, or simply freeing up space in the lot. Our commercial clients range from restaurants and retail stores to office buildings and warehouses, and more.

Let's Work Together

In addition to our commercial demolition services, we also offer a vast range of professional environmental services associated with demolition projects — including asbestos and lead abatement, PCB removal, underground storage tank removal and facility decontamination. Our turnkey services allow us to streamline the completion of your project, making the process more time and cost-efficient.

Tackling a new project? D.H. Griffin would love to help! Contact us to discuss your next project and get a quote today! We'll get back to you within one business day of your inquiry.