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60 Years of Demolition Services

Our demolition company was started in 1959 by D.H. Griffin, Sr. and has grown into one of the largest and most respected demolition companies in the nation. Since 2007, D.H. Griffin Wrecking Company has been ranked in the top 5 industrial contractors in the country by Engineering News and Record Magazine.

With one of the largest fleets of specialized equipment in the nation, decades of experience, and a commitment to continual improvement, D.H. Griffin Wrecking Company has a earned a reputation for exceeding client expectations. Our goal is to partner with clients to get the project done correctly, under budget, and on schedule. Our most valued reputation, however, is our commitment to the safety of our team members and our dedication to being a leader in safety education.

From advanced manufacturing facilities and power plants to healthcare and higher education, we have clients across all markets and have developed the skill set and expertise required to complete any project successfully. We pride ourselves on selecting the right team and developing the right plan specific for every project.


Areas of Expertise:

Areas of Expertise:

Structural Demolition
We own and maintain one of the largest fleets dedicated to structural demolition and renovation within the industry. We are consistently recognized as one of the top wrecking and demolition contractors in the United States by Engineering News-Record. You can rely on us for safe, effective, and efficient industrial demolition services.

Explosive Demolition
Our skilled workforce and modern fleet of equipment can handle the complexities of your explosive demolition projects. Our specialized equipment and trained employee resources allow us to perform multifaceted building demolition projects safely and efficiently.

Selective Demolition and Strip-Out Work
When complete demolition of a structure isn't the ideal solution, we offer selective demolition and strip-out services to retain a structure's integrity while reducing waste and lowering costs.

Emergency Demolition Services
We can respond during an emergency to help mitigate damage or afterward for partial or complete demolition of impacted structures. We are experts at building separation and dismantling of structures that have been compromised due to an emergency situation, hazardous materials, or construction failure. We also provide demolition project consulting following building fires, natural disasters, explosions, collapse, and more.

Complete Plant Decommissioning
We provide comprehensive construction management, environmental & asbestos abatement, demolition, asset recovery expertise, and site redevelopment services for plant closure, de-activation, decommissioning, decontamination, demolishing, and demolition projects.

Asset Recovery
From the very beginning, we have viewed asset salvage, recovery, and recycling as a path to maximizing value for our clients and minimizing debris and our impact on the environment. D.H. Griffin is proud to offer a full suite of services in asset recovery, from full-scale dismantlement and plant liquidation to recovery of building materials to the removal and sale of a single piece of heavy equipment.

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Other Services

Through our in-house affiliate companies, we can provide additional services associated with demolition to provide a seamless experience for the client. These services include:

DHGW has the financial strength, manpower, and reputation to take on projects of any size or complexity. We have been blessed to work for some of the best companies in the nation, contact us today to see how we can partner together on your next project. 1-888-336-DEMO(3366)