emergency scene with active fire, fire trucks, and a d.h. griffin employee walking towards the danger

Emergency Demolition Services

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When disaster strikes, it is difficult for owners and public officials to navigate what comes next. For over 60 years, D.H. Griffin has been a trusted source for providing emergency demolition services following structural failure due to fire, natural disasters, explosions, or building collapse. With our experienced team and one of the largest fleets of specialized equipment in the nation, we can respond quickly during an emergency to help mitigate the damage. We can also assist in the partial or complete demolition or dismantling of the impacted structures once the structures are stabilized.

Our emergency team is adept at coordinating with multiple entities, including first responders, evidentiary teams, insurance companies, and public officials to provide a comprehensive approach. As with all projects, D.H. Griffin works with owners to develop a site-specific plan to complete the project safely while adhering to budget and schedule concerns.

Our Specialties

Design flaws, aging systems, or deliberate attacks like terrorism and arson can cause irreversible structural collapse. Fires and explosions, deliberate or accidental, can cause tremendous or total destruction of structures. Even Mother Nature can wreak incredible havoc to structures through hurricanes, tornadoes, flash floods, and more.

No matter your need for emergency demolition, D.H. Griffin is a trusted partner in responding to these tragic events and collaborating with clients, government officials, and first responders to mitigate the damage and preserve evidence for active crime scenes when necessary. D.H. Griffin's ability to respond quickly and collaborate with first responders has saved lives, mitigated further damage, and allowed for a faster road to recovery. D.H. Griffin is uniquely positioned with the expertise and equipment to quickly and safely provide emergency demolition services wherever and whenever the need arises.

Structural Failure


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