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Emergency Demolition Services

When disaster strikes, it is difficult for owners and public officials to navigate what comes next. For over 60 years, D.H. Griffin has been a trusted source for providing emergency demolition services following structural failure due to fire, natural disasters, explosion or building collapse. With our experienced team and one of the largest fleets of specialized equipment in the nation, we can respond quickly during an emergency to help mitigate the damage. We can also assist in the partial or complete demolition of the impacted structures once the structures are stabilized.

Our emergency team is adept at coordinating with multiple entities, including first responders, evidentiary teams, insurance companies and public officials to provide a comprehensive approach. As with all projects, D.H. Griffin works with owners to develop a site-specific plan to complete the project safely while adhering to budget and schedule concerns.

Our Specialties

Design flaws, aging systems, or deliberate attacks like terrorism and arson can cause irreversible structural collapse. Fires and explosions, deliberate or accidental, can cause tremendous or total destruction of structures.  Even Mother Nature can wreak incredible havoc to structures through hurricanes, tornadoes, flash floods and more.

No matter your need for emergency demolition, D.H. Griffin is a trusted partner in responding to these tragic events and collaborating with clients, government officials and first responders to mitigate the damage. D.H. Griffin's ability to respond quickly and collaborate with first responders has saved lives, mitigated further damage, and allowed for a faster road to recovery.  D.H. Griffin is uniquely positioned with the expertise and equipment to quickly and safely provide emergency demolition services wherever and whenever the need arises.

Structural Failure

Following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, D.H. Griffin was chosen as the lead demolition consultant at Ground Zero in New York City. D.H. Griffin’s planning, engineering and supervision saved valuable time and allowed for the project to be completed ahead of schedule and under budget.

Following the tragic collapse of a pedestrian bridge, DHG immediately mobilized and worked with emergency first responders to clear debris blocking Highway 29-a major thoroughfare in the Charlotte, NC area.

DHG was contracted to provide the emergency demolition of a collapsed iron ore storage dome and associated conveyor system in Louisiana. The concrete dome collapse was due to a structural failure.

Contracted by Haskel to provide the demolition and removal following a tragic collapse of a 600,000 SF parking deck. D.H. Griffin mobilized immediately and coordinated with evidentiary teams during the demolition. The project safety was of top concern, as the college remained in session and a classroom was located 30 feet away from the demolition zone.

D.H. Griffin responded to the collapse of the Hard Rock Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana in the fall of 2019. The structure was nearing completion when the structural failure occurred. D.H. Griffin's emergency team worked hand in hand with the client, government officials, evidentiary collection teams, OSHA, and first responders to bring the structure to a safe state.

D.H. Griffin was contracted by Miliken to perform the emergency demolition and site clean up of the 750,000 square-foot Live Oak dyeing and carpet finishing plant following a fire that destroyed the facility. Mobilizing immediately, our team worked around the clock and completed the demolition and removal within 21 days.

In 2017, an arson caused the collapse and damage of a major corridor on Interstate 85 in Atlanta. Within 24 hours of the fire, the D.H. Griffin Emergency Demolition team mobilized and began coordination with the contractor and the Georgia Department of Transportation. Working two shifts around the clock, D.H. Griffin completed the project safely and ahead of schedule.

A massive fire engulfed a 241-unit apartment building nearing construction in Raleigh, North Carolina. After more than 100 firefighters got the blaze under control, D.H. Griffin emergency teams mobilized to prevent the damage from impacting surrounding structures.
Natural Disaster

D.H. Griffin was contracted by the Roy Anderson Corp who had just completed the construction of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. D.H. Griffin immediately mobilized and finished the project in three months, safely and ahead of schedule.

D.H. Griffin worked with local officials to demolish Club Med-Bermuda, which was damaged beyond repair by a hurricane. It was the first controlled implosion in Bermuda's history.

The failure of a stormwater pipe resulted in tons of coal ash spilling into the Dan River in North Carolina. D.H. Griffin's emergency team responded within hours to help slow the spill and redirect the pipe.

In 2008, a tragic dust explosion occurred at the Imperial Sugar Refinery in Georgia. D.H. Griffin worked with first responders as well as evidentiary collection teams to complete the demolition of the structure.

In 2019, a natural gas leak caused a deadly explosion that impacted five buildings in downtown Durham, North Carolina. D.H. Griffin was able to respond quickly and demolish damaged structures.

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