“Industrial Demolition Done Right”

D.H. Griffin and DARI partner together on the environmental abatement and demolition of an old industrial facility in Salisbury, NC.

DHG Wrecking and DARI are working together to complete the environmental abatement, industrial cleaning, dismantlement and selective demolition of sections of the Mid-South Industrial Complex in Salisbury, NC. The former Hoechst Celanese, and later Durafiber Manufacturing, facility had a long life in non-woven textile production before closing permanently in 2018. D.H. Griffin purchased the facility with a partner in 2018, and began the long process of converting the structure for modern use through intricate, selective demolition within the main structure and the total demolition of ancillary processing facilities. This involved the careful separation to demolish the processing bays while leaving the main structure intact.

D.H. Griffin’s team utilizes both their creativity and engineering skills when imagining the future of these structures. This project employed a lot of D.H. Griffin’s specialized fleet of heavy industrial demolition equipment, including long arms, large excavators, and material processing equipment. DHG is proud to be part of the redevelopment of so many facilities that will eventually bring new jobs and opportunities for the community.