Post-9/11 Cleanup: D.H. Griffin's Role as World Trade Center Demolition Site Manager

D.H. Griffin’s president, David H. Griffin, Jr. traveled to New York City following the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 to volunteer his time and efforts towards the clean up. Griffin started as a consultant for Bovis on their quadrant of the site for demolition activities. After a few days David Griffin, Jr.’s cousin, Rusty Griffin, joined him in New York to put together a plan for how to safely demolish the remnants of WTC Tower 2’s curtain wall without negatively impacting the ongoing recovery efforts or causing further life safety concerns. After meeting to review the plan, the City of New York selected D.H. Griffin as the contractor for the felling of tower 2’s curtain wall. After the successful felling of the curtain wall, The City of New York approached Griffin with the opportunity to oversee all site activities moving forward. In all, the D.H. Griffin team was on site for 9 months completing phase 1 of the clean up. In the end, the cost and time savings for the project due to the team’s creative problem solving is immeasurable. D.H. Griffin was honored to be part of the recovery team and serve this patriotic duty .

"Even though we were working on The largest project in D.H. Griffin history, we couldn't celebrate. The magnitude of the site was incredible with over 17 million square feet of buildings that collapsed & had to be cleaned up. We had a great team, and it was an honor to be part of the solution. Nobody in American history had ever dealt with anything like what we were doing."

-David Griffin, Jr
President D.H. Griffin Wrecking Company