Unveiling of 9-11 memorial in the town of Yanceyville

Dedication ceremony held for 9-11 Memorial in county

On Monday, September 11, emotions ran high in Yanceyville as the town finally unveiled the long-anticipated 9-11 Memorial. This significant event showcased a steel girder from Tower Two of the World Trade Center, serving as a poignant reminder of the tragic terrorist attack that occurred on September 11, 2011.

As Mayor Alvin Foster addressed the crowd, many were moved to tears during this heartfelt dedication ceremony, marking the profound significance of the memorial.

The core beam, generously donated by DH Griffin, had been salvaged from the Twin Towers. Senator Phil Berger, President Pro Tem of the NC State Senate, expressed his early commitment to this unique Yanceyville memorial project, which is the third installment in a series of special memorials alongside monuments dedicated to veterans and fallen public service members. These two monuments stand proudly in front of the Yanceyville Municipal Building, while the 9-11 monument is positioned across from them, adjacent to Fidelity Bank.

Yanceyville council member Keith Tatum's unwavering determination in securing funding for the project deserves recognition.

Noteworthy details about the memorial include the beam's weight, approximately 3,100 pounds per square foot, and its location atop the site of the old Ford building demolished by DH Griffin, marking the beginning of a significant partnership with the town.

Mayor Foster emphasized that the memorial contributes to the town's economic development, enhancing the area's appeal and quality of life. He reminded the audience of the tragic events of 22 years ago, when terrorists attacked the United States, resulting in numerous casualties, both from the initial attack and the subsequent War on Terror, with many still suffering from physical and mental ailments

The mayor prompted the crowd to recollect their activities on that fateful day, recalling how the initial belief that the first tower's impact was accidental shattered when the second tower was struck, followed by the attacks on the Pentagon and the tragic plane crashes.

VFW Post 7316 and American Legion Post 89 presented the colors, accompanied by Naomi Totten's rendition of the National Anthem. Rev. Paul Robinson delivered a heartfelt prayer.

Senator Berger expressed his amazement at the memorial's design, surpassing his initial expectations. He commended the landscape and visionary leadership that brought the memorial to fruition, emphasizing that it was a symbol of strength and a reminder of one of the nation's darkest days.

He underlined that everyone present was there to remember the lives lost and lauded the nation's resilience against oppression, characterizing the memorial as a piece of history with a purpose—to signify strength and serve as a lasting reminder.

The journey to fund the memorial involved former Senator Hugh Webster, who enthusiastically supported Caswell County's acquisition of the steel beam. Following a symbolic ribbon-cutting ceremony, attendees were invited to the Richmond-Miles History Museum next door, where the Caswell County Historical Association hosted a reception provided by the Town of Yanceyville.

Article Author: Debra Ferrell

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