Fieldcrest Cannon Plant #1 Demolition: D.H. GRIFFIN's Dismantling and Demolition of Six Million Square Feet Manufacturing Complex in Kannapolis, NC

fieldcrest plant demo


Fieldcrest Cannon/Pillowtex Plant #1 Demolition
Kannapolis, NC

DHG was contracted by Atlantic American Properties Inc. to perform one of the largest demolition projects ever performed in America. DHG provided the total dismantling and demolition of this manufacturing complex comprising over six million square feet. Work included dismantling of equipment for demolition and the dismantling of building materials to be salvaged for reuse or recycled. DHG dismantled textile equipment including spinning and bleaching equipment, conveyors, vacuum systems, dryers, bins and silos prior to demolition. In the Distribution Center there were over two miles in conveyors that were dismantled and disposed of. DHG salvaged old brick, timbers and wood from the multiple structure complex. Recycling during the demolition phase of this LEED ND proto-type project included 600,000 tons of crushed concrete and block, 106,000 tons of asphalt and over 20,000 tons of scrap metal. In addition, DHG salvaged over 300,000 board feet of large timbers, 250,000 SF of decking and sold 875 windows for reuse. Environmental site work included asbestos abatement, contaminated soils and PCBs. In addition, DHG performed pond and landfill closures and removal of contaminated soils. Controlled demolition techniques were employed to bring down two 225’ asbestos contaminated smoke stacks.

DHG’s expertise in the execution of the decommissioning and demolition of the facility lead to the additional contract for the complete grading and site development of this 300 acre site that was once home to Fieldcrest Cannon Mills. Site development work, performed by D.H. Griffin Infrastructure, included a 2,000,000 square yard cut/fill operation; installation of new water sewer and electrical utilities; rebuilding of Main Street and the construction of building pads for three large buildings. Efforts were made to keep the community involved by utilizing as many local businesses as possible and hiring locals whenever possible.

American Atlantic Properties

Project Summary:

Demolished over 6 million sf manufacturing facility.
• Explosive & conventional demolition/ dismantling
• LEED Project-recycled over 700,000 tons of aggregate, 20,000 tons scrap metal, 300,000 board ft of large timbers & 250,000 SF decking.