How DH Griffin demolished a 100-year-old textile plant

Between 2021 and 2022, the D.H. Griffin (DHG) family of companies, including DARI, Infrastructure, Environmental & Wrecking, undertook the demolition of a century-old, seven-story textile plant near the Dan River in Danville, Virginia, US. Referred to as the Dan River Mills Site project, DHG faced various challenges, notably the safe and efficient demolition of the sturdy structure and the removal of deep concrete footings across the site. Despite considering alternatives like implosive demolition, DHG opted for a high-reach excavator due to spatial constraints and structural aspects. Although high-reach equipment initially appeared costly, DHG found it efficient in the long run. DHG tackled concrete footings methodically using a variety of equipment from its fleet. Safety was paramount, with measures taken to mitigate risks such as struck-by accidents and silica dust exposure. DHG emphasized the importance of proficient machine operators, requiring extensive experience before handling high-reach equipment. Their safety-first approach exemplified their expertise and leadership in the demolition industry. The project, completed in January 2023, involved selective dismantling to preserve historical elements for incorporation into a new casino construction on the site.

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