NDA announces first Certified Demolition Supervisors class

The National Demolition Association (NDA) has introduced the Certified Demolition Supervisor (CDS) certification, with the first 27 individuals earning it. This certification recognizes expertise in demolition, offering a competitive edge in the job market. The CDS designation signifies proficiency in safety, environmental concerns, operations, and personnel management within the demolition industry. The certified individuals include:

1. Nicholas D. McGarel - Brandenburg Industrial Service Co.
2. Jay A. Jasinowski - Brandenburg Industrial Service Co.
3. Brad Adkins - D. H. Griffin Wrecking Company Inc.
4. Ryan Kornder - D. H. Griffin Wrecking Company Inc.
5. Spencer Clark - D. H. Griffin Wrecking Company Inc.
6. Alex Adams - Dickson Co.
7. Austin Deleon - Dickson Co.
8. Chris Drea - Dickson Co.
9. Corey Watson - Dickson Co.
10. Jess Denatale - Dickson Co.
11. Andrew M. Collova - Frattalone Cos.
12. Robert D. Robbs - Hayden Wrecking
13. Austin E. Straub - Homrich
14. Cody J. Manor - Homrich
15. Joseph C. Hopewell - JR Ramon Demolition
16. Joseph Ramon - JR Ramon Demolition
17. Ryan Medlin - JR Ramon Demolition
18. Daniel R. Skinner - Sessler Wrecking
19. Kevin C. Sessler - Sessler Wrecking
20. Howard Carpenter - Sessler Wrecking
21. Nicholas Sessler - Sessler Wrecking
22. Juan Gradilla - Milburn Demolition
23. Rogelio Tapia - Milburn Demolition
24. Michael A. Rutt - Remedial Construction Services L.P.
25. Anthony Hiel - Terra Technical Services LLC
26. Gerald Thompson - Terra Technical Services LLC
27. Greg Menen - Ferma Corp.

The certification aims to elevate both individuals and their companies, promoting professionalism and quality standards. Applications for testing and certification are open, encouraging further professional development in the field.


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