D.H. Griffin implodes university building

D.H. Griffin Wrecking Co. in the United States recently demolished the University of Alabama's iconic Tutwiler Hall, constructed in 1968 and accommodating around 50,000 students over its lifetime. The demolition, executed in collaboration with Dykon Explosive Demolition from Oklahoma, utilized approximately 500 lbs of dynamite strategically placed within 1,600 drilled support columns, resulting in the building's collapse in just over 20 seconds. Tutwiler Hall, named after education advocate Julia Tutwiler, underwent its second iteration before its recent demolition, with the original structure built in 1914. The university has already constructed a third Tutwiler Hall, set to open next month, with a capacity of nearly 1,300 students.

Original Article: https://www.demolitionandrecycling.media/video/dh-griffin-implodes-university-building/8021993.article