Danville Project redevelopment

Danville will soon begin 2 major projects, transforming the city

Danville, Virginia - In a groundbreaking turn of events, the city is set to witness the commencement of its two largest redevelopment projects in history.


The first endeavor is the creation of the brand-new Caesars Resort and Casino, already underway as Greensboro's DH Griffin undertakes abatement and demolition on the property. The upcoming significant phase involves the removal of the former finishing plant. According to Robert Livingston from Caesars Entertainment, this process is anticipated to be an extended one, involving the clearing or repurposing of debris even after the building's demolition. A groundbreaking ceremony is on the horizon, followed swiftly by new construction, including the erection of a modern hotel tower. Livingston noted that while construction advances on some sections of the site, demolition and remediation work will continue in other areas.


Simultaneously, the transformation of the old White Mill is taking shape. As David Voss, project manager from the Wisconsin-based Alexander Company, revealed, bids for the project are expected to be received in February. If all proceeds as planned in the bidding process, construction is scheduled to commence by the end of March. The most noticeable changes will involve the building's exterior, with the once-concealed windows being opened up and replaced. Both projects breathe new life into abandoned properties within the city, in addition to injecting millions of dollars into the local economy.


David Voss expressed the profound satisfaction of witnessing a project transition from the financing phase to a bustling job site, where hundreds of individuals work, thereby creating numerous job opportunities. These ambitious projects are projected to conclude and be open for business by late 2023, heralding a promising transformation for Danville.

Article Author: Daniel Crews

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