Out with the old, but when will there be new?

A recent cleanup effort along South Main Street in Waynesville, North Carolina, by about 25 volunteers coincided with the demolition of two buildings in the area. A third building, formerly Smoky Mountain Billiards, is also slated for demolition. The timing was coincidental, as the demolition permits were obtained weeks prior. The buildings had been subject to complaints about squatters and were ordered to be boarded up or torn down. The demolished structures held historical significance, with one originally built in 1937 as a furniture factory. The properties were sold to various entities, including Hazelwood Corners, LLC, affiliated with Ingles Market. The town's road upgrade project along South Main Street, initially scheduled for construction in 2022, has been delayed, with right-of-way acquisition now set for May 2024. Property owners along the street are uncertain about their building plans until the road upgrade project progresses further.

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