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What is Controlled Explosive Demolition?

Controlled explosive demolition is what a lot of people think about when they imagine a demolition project, because it is the type of demolition project that normally makes the news! This method of demolishing structures involves utilizing a specialized team of experts and engineers to place an array of explosives within a structure to create a controlled implosion. D.H. Griffin has used controlled explosive demolition methods to demolish hundreds of structures. 

Is controlled explosive demolition safe?

Controlled explosive demolition, when executed by professionals like D.H. Griffin, can be a safe, timely, and cost effective way to demolish structures in both commercial and industrial environments. We prioritize the safety of their workers, the surrounding community, and the environment throughout every stage of a demolition project. 

When is controlled explosive demolition considered?

Controlled explosive demolition is a good option for several scenarios, including:

Does D.H. Griffin do controlled explosive demolition?

Yes, D.H. Griffin has orchestrated the implosion of hundreds of structures throughout our 60 year history. Some notable examples are:

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