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Welder recycling metal

Asset Recovery & Recycling

From the very beginning, D.H. Griffin has viewed asset recovery and recycling as a path to maximize value for our clients and minimize our impact on the environment. D.H. Griffin is proud to offer a full suite of services in the asset recovery space, from full-scale dismantlement and plant liquidation to the removal and sale of a single piece of equipment. Our goal is to partner with clients to evaluate equipment and building materials to discern whether items are best suited for resale or scrap recycling. With one of the largest networks of used equipment buyers and 60+ years in scrap metal recycling, we have the experience and relationships to complete projects of all sizes.

D.H. Griffin Used Equipment offers clients the opportunity to maximize value without sacrificing quality of service or safety. Our streamlined approach allows our expert team to provide turnkey service, from initial evaluation and sale, to rigging and shipping. Creating a safe and seamless experience for the client has allowed DHG to repeatedly manage asset recovery and equipment sales for some of the top organizations in the nation. Contact us today to see how we can help your organization maximize value on obsolete or under-utilized equipment.

In addition to helping clients sell assets, we have a large inventory of used equipment to sell from our demolition and dismantlement projects. From generators and switchgear, to tanks and chillers, we have a constantly rotating selection of quality used equipment

D.H. Griffin is recognized as an industry leader in metals recycling. Our network of longstanding relationships with steel mills, foundries, brokers, processors and scrap dealers, ensures you get the biggest bang for your buck when you do business with DHG. We have an extensive fleet of trucks and containers that are prepared to haul away scrap from your jobsite. As a scrap metal recycler, D.H. Griffin handles ferrous metals such as iron and steel, nonferrous metals such as copper and aluminum, and precious metals such as platinum, nickel and many other alloys. If you generate scrap metal or have an old equipment laydown yard, D.H. Griffin can assist you with identifying, separating, transporting and purchasing your scrap.

D.H. Griffin has dedicated material processing and crushing facilities for concrete, block, and brick. In addition, we now have a large fleet of mobile crushing equipment that can process these materials on-site. Using recycled materials for redevelopment not only diverts materials from the landfill, but it also creates large cost savings as it reduces labor and transportation costs. D.H Griffin is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, which promotes the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program-encouraging recycling or salvage of demolition and construction debris. For any projects applying for LEED certification, D.H. Griffin is an experienced partner that can assist clients with all recycling documentation needed for LEED credits.
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