LNR Rock Face Mitigation and New Access Roads

D.H. Griffin Infrastructure has long been the contractor of choice at the Lenoir Business Park in Lenoir, North Carolina for new development. During a recent project, DHGI provided Design/Build services to install erosion control, clear rock face of all loose boulders and vegetation, clean up debris along base of rock face, and construct the new gravel access roads. For the rock face mitigation, we hired a third party to perform the rock scaling and install permanent wire mesh protective barrier. DHGI aided in hanging the wire mesh using two wheeled excavators to ensure the existing site fencing was protected. After the completion of hand scaling, DHGI removed all the debris, regraded the swale, and seeded. For the access roads we provided erosion control grading (both import and cut/fill), fabric and stone base, along with final seeding and matting of slopes for the walls.