Plant Riverside Dismantlement: D.H. GRIFFIN's Historic Power Plant Dismantlement in Savannah, GA

plant riverside savannah

Plant Riverside Dismantlement
Savannah, GA

DHG contracted by Georgia Power to perform the asbestos abatement and dismantlement of historic 165,000 sf power plant in Savannah, Georgia. Work included the complete removal of (8) turbine generators and (7) boilers and all ancillary equipment in the plant. Work also included the removal of two concrete turbine bases.

Previous work at the plant included the dismantling of (3) package boilers and associated 135’ tall boiler stacks, (2) steel boilers and 10,000 gal water tank.

Georgia Power/Southern Company

Project Summary:

Dismantlement of 165,000 sf power plant.
• Removed (8) turbine generators and (7) large boilers.
• Removed all ancillary equipment at the plant.
• Work included asbestos abatement and saw cutting.

Project Completed:
July 2009 - Nov 2010