FPL Port Everglades Abatement and Demolition: Fort Lauderdale, FL Project Summary

Florida Power and Light Demolition

FPL Port Everglades Abatement and Demolition
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Asbestos abatement, demolition and removal of FP&L's 1,200-megawatt Port Everglades Power Plant consisting of (4) generating units, (2) nominal 200-megawatt units (Units 1 & 2) and (2) nominal-400 megawatt units (Units 3 & 4) each consisting of conventional dual-fuel fired steam boilers, steam turbine generators and associated support facilities. DHG utilized both conventional and implosive demolition techniques to demolish the facility. Also contracted to remove the footings and foundations. On July 16, 2013, DHG successfully imploded the (4) boilers and (4) - 350’ stacks. DHG recycled in excess of 98% of facility property.

Florida Power & Light

Project Summary:

Asbestos removal ahead of schedule. Verified suspect material that was discovered and not specified without hindering project schedule
• Implementation of workable Environmental Plan
• Successful implosion of the four large boilers and four 350' stacks

Project Completed:
December 2012 - February 2014