Duke Energy Cliffside Steam Station Units 1-4 Demolition Project


Cliffside Steam Station Units 1-4
Mooresboro, NC


Duke Energy Corporation LLC

Project Summary:

Demolition of 198 MW power plant consisting of (4) coal fired boilers, turbines, electrostatic precipitators and associated Units 1-4 facilities
• Boiler 1 immediately adjacent to live switch yard
• Work included asbestos abatement and removal of approximately 500 tons of asbestos contaminated fly ash from the boilers by DHG affiliate Demolition & Asbestos Removal Inc. (DARI)
• 500-600 PCB contaminated wall caps were also rigged down from multiple roof levels and properly disposed of. Each wall cap weighed approximately 3,000 lbs

Project Timeline:

Sept 2013 - December 2015