Revitalizing History: DARI's Integral Role in Camp North End's Adaptive Reuse

At this adaptive reuse project in Charlotte, DARI’s asbestos abatement scope of service contract included the removal, transport and disposal of over five (5) miles of friable thermal system insulation (TSI), over 200,000 SF of both asbestos containing and non-asbestos containing built up roofing materials, over 200 windows containing both glazing and caulking and over three (3) acres of floor tile and mastic adhesive. In addition, DARI was responsible for the removal and saving of various “artifacts” for ATCO, removal of all interior universal waste, lighting fixtures, and nearly 15,000 SF of concrete slab that will be used for a decorative garden/greenway in the future. DARI has been an integral part of remediation and renovation at the Camp North End site in various buildings since 2017.