Former Burlington Industries Headquarters Demolition: D.H. GRIFFIN's Implosion of Exoskeleton Tower in Greensboro, NC

burlington industries

Former of Burlington Industries Headquarters
Greensboro, NC

DHG responsible for the abatement of this 433,000 sf complex before DHG successfully imploded the exoskeleton 6-story tower on May 2005. Project included demolition and removal of multiple building on this office campus, stable, parking lots, retaining walls, concrete walks, slabs, foundations and footings and 10,000 gallon filled underground storage tank.

Former Starmount Properties

Project Summary:

Asbestos abatement of sprayed on fireproofing materials.
• Implosion of unique exoskeleton structure adjacent to a busy Greensboro shopping center.

Project Completed:
July 2004 - Aug 2005