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Specialty Concrete Services

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Specialty concrete construction is the newest field that DHGI has ventured into. Our concrete crews are led by superintendents and foremen with upwards of 25 years of experience. The statement, “Specialty Concrete Construction” is very broad and leaves much to imagine when trying to clarify exactly what we do. Like that statement, the broad range of services that our concrete crews can offer vary from a simple slab or sidewalk to a 40 foot deep cast in place wet well requiring specialty shoring and groundwater control. We look for, and welcome "difficult" concrete jobs that take as much planning as they do execution. We have built a wide range of box culverts, cast in place structures, and sound walls for the NCDOT.

We have developed a niche in the petroleum industry pouring multiple tank foundations at various tank farms. Along with the petroleum work we have done several large scale reinforced slab replacements within active terminals under 24 hour weekend shutdowns allowing the terminals to be back up and running as scheduled Monday morning. It is our ability to couple the turnkey services of site grading to concrete subgrade, furnishing and pouring of concrete structures, and backfilling the structures to finished grade that sets us apart from the average concrete contractor.