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Everything we do is done by us.

We don’t rely on subcontractors. We’re one team, sharing the same processes and meeting the same high standards. Working together on project after project, we don’t waste time. There’s no delay where a subcontractor has to adapt to our way of doing things.

We know the best equipment, we buy it.

We’re not dependent on renting from other companies. We know all our equipment is well-maintained because we’re the ones doing
the maintenance. Our extensive fleet of heavy equipment is company-owned and updated frequently to include the newest models available.

Every minute, every hour, every day: Safety is top priority.

We have a full-time staff dedicated solely to keeping safety at the core of our culture. Our dedicated training center is in continual operation conducting rigorous courses. We have had zero OSHA citations and the NC Department of Labor has awarded us certificates of safety achievement a staggering 30 times.

The latest technology on the ground, in the sky and on a screen.

Our heavy equipment does the heavy lifting, directed by the most advanced digital technology in the industry. Our planning, estimating and surveying are conducted with:

  • AgTek Modeling Software
  • HCSS Estimating Software
  • Bluebeam Takeoff Software
  • Trimble GPS Field Control
  • DJI Phantom 4 RTK Survey Equipment
For information about D.H. Griffin Infrastructure’s heavy civil construction services or for a quotation, contact us at 888-336-3366 or click here to send us an email.
While every project is unique, our approach is the same: Do it safely. Do it well. Get it done within budget and on time. We apply this ethic to projects large and small, public and private. Our commitment extends across a broad range of services, from basic grading to complex utility infrastructure. Our performance has earned us the business of some of the largest, most demanding companies in the world.
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