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Frequently Asked Questions About Mold

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How are DARI’s mold removal products applied?

The proprietary Foster® products we use can be applied several ways. Most common method when treating an interior space is an airless sprayer. We also integrate the use of foggers to reach hidden and expansive interior space. Finally, where appropriate, we hand apply the products to assure a perfect and safe application. In addition, we combine a carpet extraction machine for use on carpeted surfaces.

Do my family and I have to leave the premises while DARI is remediating the mold?

Yes, it is recommended that only the mold remediation experts be in the building when remediating. With the exception of spraying during the framing process of a new building, we contain the area we are spraying and our professional applicators wear personal protective equipment. Re-occupancy to the treated areas is often available in as little as 2 hours (depending on drying time or relative humidity for that day). We can also contain any mold in a hospital, business, or commercial environment so that day-to-day business is uninterrupted. DARI has over 30 years of experience successfully remediating and removing mold from buildings in the Piedmont Triad area.

Are the mold removal products/chemical that DARI uses safe?

Yes, all chemicals and product are 100% safe! Our products consist of peroxide and water, and are extremely safe. They are absolutely non-toxic, friendly to the environment, and non-flammable. In a way, the compound naturally fights mold. The key is to remove the existing mold, and then to reject new mold spores of the organic nutrients that they need to survive. The proprietary Foster® products have been approved for use in hospitals, schools and universities, commercial, public, and government buildings, homes, hotels, and many other types of structures. For over 60 years, the Foster® brand of products have been leading the way with its mastic, coating, sealant and adhesive products for the industrial, commercial and residential construction markets. Foster introduced the first EPA-registered antimicrobial coating, and still the only, for use in HVAC systems in 1992 and has continued to manufacture and sell water-based coatings, disinfectants and accessory products for mold remediation and prevention to the indoor air quality market. Our reputation has been built on the best technical expertise driving the best technology for superior performing products. 

Does the DARI’s Mold Remediation team make a mess?

No, the DARI team makes every effort to keep the work areas being treated clean during the process. We will leave your space equal to or better than the start of the project, like it never happened. There are no waste products from our method and no damage to your property or disruption to your life as is found in the ‘tear-out’ remediation option. Don’t take our word for it; see what our customers are saying.

Could I do the application and remove the mold myself?

No, it is strongly recommended that for health reasons, only certified professionals, like us, are authorized and are necessary to assure an effective result. Using our scientifically proven process allows us to offer up to a five-year limited warranty against mold when we treat a building.

What is DARI’s warranty policy for mold remediation?

For new construction, where we are able to treat the entire building, we offer the best warranty in the industry: A five-year limited warranty against significant mold growth. And for existing homes and buildings, we offer an unmatched two-year warranty against mold growth; to our knowledge, no competitor can compete with this level of confidence.

What is it that the DARI mold remediation team does exactly?

First step: DARI uses a scientifically proven method to clean the area to get rid of any existing mold. Step two: DARI cuts off the nutrient source needed for mold growth. The team does this by placing a transparent sealant over the surfaces treated. For the period of our warranty, we guarantee that any mold spores which enter your building will land on the DARI treated surfaces and be denied their nutrient source. DARI’s process works! Since 1985, DARI’s team has achieved great results. But again, don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers are saying .

I have heard that all buildings contain mold? Is that true?

Every building, either residential or commercial does have mold spores present. You can blame Mother Nature. Mold can enter a building in several ways: each time a door or window is opened, and even on shoes, and clothing. We have also heard of mold entering the house via packaged delivery boxes. DARI can protect the interior environment of a building and greatly reduce if not eliminate the negative effects of mold! With our inexpensive, innovative process, there is no reason to risk any financial burden or damage to you or your loved ones’ health from mold. For more information on mold please visit .

How many different types of mold are there?

The latest scientific reports suggest that there are hundreds of thousands of types of mold. In fact, there are good strains of mold as well as negative strains. One place you could find this in the house would be inside a beer or in certain cheeses. Blue cheese is actually a type of mold. However, not all molds have negative effects of your health and even some bad molds are administered to become beneficial to humans. The common doctor prescribed drug, Penicillin, is a good example. Penicillin is derived from Penicillium, which in its original states is extremely harmful to humans and animals. Read more information on type of mold and risks associated with mold

I think I have mold in my house. What should I do?

Call us so we can help you determine the true situation and the most suitable and proper course of action. A lot of times, what home-owners think mold is actually not mold related, and DARI’s team will let tell you for sure. If there is a mold-related issue, we will advise you with the details and provide you with our estimate for remediation – all of which is completely free of charge. We pride ourselves on providing FREE ESTIMATES to all our customers. Be careful to stop any current water leak and do not do anything that may spread or worsen the existing situation.

What about repairs? Does your team do repairs?

Yes, DARI offers turnkey inspections and restoration services at no charge and your technician will provide you with a free estimate including a complete scope of works. Sometime, certain repairs can require a specialist like a roofer, HVAC contractor or a plumber to correct the water source issues, and DARI’s team already has these trusted subcontractors on staff.

I am building a new home. When should I spray for mold prevention?

The method that provides the greatest protection, is to have DARI provide our service at the completion of the framing and again at the installation of the drywall. This is our standard practice and is included for our standard fee. With DARI’s warranty, your new home or building will be mold-free for at least five years.

How much is this going to cost me?

This is the best part. DARI’s mold remediation process is so efficient it is an extremely affordable process which delivers maximum results. Most properties can be fully remediated at a fraction of what our competitors charge. DARI charges by the square foot for its treatment process and prides itself on the value it provides its clients.** NOTE: The price may vary due to the complexity of the project, height of walls, number of visits and a few other variables typically when dealing with commercial properties.

We specialize in mold removal, water damage repair, asbestos removal, along with many other services. We proudly offer services in Greensboro, the Raleigh-Durham area, and all other surrounding cities in the Piedmont Triad. Mold is a serious health hazard, especially as the temperatures begin to heat up as it gets more humid towards the summer months, mold grows rapidly. With our years of expertise and over 5000 never failed projects including schools, government buildings, homes, apartment complexes, and commercial buildings, we are the general contractors to use for your mold, water, and asbestos issues in the Greensboro and surrounding area.

Why choose DARI?

DARI has a number of unique advantages over virtually every other remediation company in the industry. Not only have we been around longer, since 1985, we include cutting edge products and methods that consistently allow DARI to:

Provide an effective, long-term solution rather than the “band-aide approach” of our competitors that only encapsulate the problem for it just to return at a later date.

Complete almost any mold remediation project faster, many times in half the time, as our competitors.

Achieve better results, as proved through objective and independent third party testing and case studies.

Provide true long-term prevention to mold growth that is backed by the industry's only insurance-backed warranty.

Complete entire mold remediation projects for less than half the cost of our competitors.

Successfully complete the project without disrupting life or business for our customers.

What are the most common causes of mold?

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All this and more make DARI Disaster Restoration Services the premier, and most trusted mold removal and remediation company for over 30 years!