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Mold Cleaning Services

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Mold Cleaning Services in Greensboro, NC & Surrounding Areas
To effectively clean mold, we must make sure that we dry out all humid or moist areas in the property because without moisture, mold can no longer grow, or continue to spread. Once the contaminated areas with mold growth are known, we will begin proper mold cleanup.

Many times we can utilize a variety of industry grade chemicals to achieve this on floors and walls, however, if the mold is inside or in the back of a wall we may have to remove the material depending on the amount of mold growth that exists within the contaminated area. We will need to remove wet or moist mold damaged materials.

All mold-contaminated areas must be contained to prevent further contamination. In many cases, we will employ the use of top industry grade mold removal and remediation tools such as air scrubbers or HEPA air scrubbers, zip walls which are a great way to isolate contaminated areas, mold coatings and mold sealers.

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How Can I Be Certain the Mold is Gone?
After we have completely removed all mold contamination and growth from the property, DARI will re-evaluate the property and to make sure all the visual mold has been completely removed properly. We will utilize our mold inspection tools to properly re-inspect the home or business to double check that the necessary steps were taken to properly make sure the mold cleanup was successful.

You can be certain that the professionals at DARI will get the mold cleaning job taken care of in a safe and timely manner. We have over 30 years of experience in mold removal business with a high level of understanding in various mold situations.

Our mold professionals are reliable and execute a quality of work that puts our experience to the test and can be equaled to no one. Contact us today at 336-281-2943 to schedule an appointment or to discuss your mold-related issues. We look forward to servicing and helping your home or business.

Learn More About our Mold Cleaning Process....

Five Steps to a Healthier Home or Work Environment
Step 1 - Consultation: A complete building investigation is performed by certified professionals to identify the moisture intrusion and mold growth. After the investigation, recommendations for repairs are given and samples will be taken if necessary.

Step 2 - Strategy: A detailed course of action will be designed specifically for your property. This will be explained to you so you know exactly what to expect.

Step 3 - Preparation: We will prepare you and the property for the remediation process. From client instructions to the removal of contaminated materials. You will receive a step by step proposal that will outline exactly what we are going to do and how the remediation process works. The cost we give in the proposal is guaranteed as well as the mold remediation process.

Step 4 - Treatment: This product will eliminate mold on contact.

Step 5 - Verification: After the remediation process is complete, air samples are taken and sent to EM P&K Labs. This lab is the largest and most accredited lab in the nation.

DARI follows the North Carolina Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Guidelines on Assessment and Remediation of Fungi in Indoor Environments.

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