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Fire Damage Repair & Restoration Services

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Rapid response is pivotal. Helping home and business owners overcome their loss, DH Griffin's & DARI's fully trained and certified technicians move quickly to accurately assess the fire damage and implement an action plan for fire damage restoration and repair. We have been servicing Greensboro, High-Point, Winston- Salem, and surrounding Piedmont Triad areas for years. We have established a reputation of dependability, honesty, and guaranteed quality.

DARI fire damage mitigation and repair service technicians employ the latest technologies to ensure complete Fire Damage Greensboro fire and smoke damage restoration, getting you back on your feet in no time.

Fire Damage Restoration in Greensboro NC
Our fire damage restoration team's immediate response can make a dramatic difference in saving salvageable property, thereby saving you additional cost. We have response teams available for fore restoration in Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem, and the entire Piedmont Triad area.

Additionally, we coordinate with insurance professionals to restore your property and contents to pre-loss condition.

We offer the following fire and smoke restoration services:

Emergency Securing & Board Up
Securing entrances and/or roof intrusions to prevent further fire or water damage.

Ozoning and Deodorization
We will use the most appropriate methods to clean & deodorize to remove any odors left behind on contents and structures.

Property Restoration
We will work to restore your home or business to pre-loss condition so that you may return to normalcy at the earliest time frame possible.

If you have smoke and/or fire damage, contact us 24 hours at: 336-510-4052. Our Piedmont Triad Fire damage restoration team will respond immediately, stabilizing the fire damage and helping you to get back on your feet.

DARI- Disaster Restoration Services proudly offers fire and smoke damage restoration services and other crisis management solutions to homes in Winston- Salem, Thomasville, Clemmons, High Point, Raleigh, Durham, Apex, & Greensboro, NC. As well as surrounding areas throughout the Southeast.


Insurance Specialists: We have been working with Insurance Companies and their Insured’s for over 20 years. Our staff understands how to communicate with Insurance Companies, helping the Insured/Owner to achieve a successful claim/project.

In-House Construction: We have 7 Job Superintendents and more than 30 full time field employees. Our knowledge guarantees that your project will not experience delays. By using our own employees for the majority of the work, your project is well supervised, resulting in a timely completion. Our Employees wear DH labeled clothing. Our Company Vehicles are also decaled with DARI. This is important to our customers because they are able to identify whom is working on their project.

Residential Services

Accredited Company: As a licensed and insured general contractor, we obtain all necessary permits for your repair job. We are an accredited member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.

Get Started Right Away: We start the reconstruction process immediately after the repair specifications have been approved by you and the proper permits are obtained. We don't wait for your insurance check to get started.

Protect Your Property: We provide emergency services to protect your property from further damage. These services include board up, plumbing, heating and electric, as well as other services to secure your home and property.

Work With Your Insurance Company: Our staff meets with your insurance company adjuster to agree on the Scope of Damage and to prepare an estimate. We focus on your needs and specific issues, while working within the guidelines of your insurance company.

Provide Detailed Estimate: A detailed damage estimate is prepared for all costs from fire, water, and smoke. Our experienced estimators document all damage and anticipate hidden damage caused by water and smoke penetration.

Prepare Paperwork: We help you to prepare all necessary paperwork required by your insurance company, mortgage company, and/or your local building department.

Peace of Mind: We give you peace of mind during this difficult time so you can concentrate on your family and your work.

Repair Approval: Repairs are not started until the specifications are approved by you. You will receive a copy of the detailed repair estimate and we begin work after your approval is complete.

Sample Materials: Color charts, wallpaper, carpeting, tile, and other samples are brought to you. You can also visit our showroom.

Property Management Services

We have always worked very closely with Property Management Companies and Homeowner’s Associations on their Insurance Claims. DARI has the experience and manpower to handle large multi-family projects, commercial buildings and shopping centers. Our staff is highly experienced in full scope development of damages and detailed estimates of repairs, in a timely manner. We prevent delays that can slow down the reconstruction process. We have the capability of responding to emergencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This includes securing apartments and condominiums, roof coverings, door replacements, coordinating water extraction, relocating tenants, etc. Our estimates are clearly written so that our Customers and Insurance Companies can understand and follow them. DARI understands the importance of communication with you the Property Managers and HOA Board Members to ensure all parties’ needs are met. DARI offers a full complement of restoration services. We approach the needs of our Property Managers and Homeowner’s Associations with a great deal of pride, sense of urgency, and total commitment until the project is complete. DARI is ready to help you recover, no matter what your need may be. We offer 24 Hour Emergency Response for Property Managers and Companies.

Commercial Services

DARI offers a full complement of restoration services. We approach the needs of our Commercial Management Companies with a great deal of pride, a sense of urgency, and a full commitment until the project is complete. Our employees know that when our customers call, they are in need due to some type of disaster and their mission is to provide the best service to every customer. We are ready to help you recover, no matter what your need may be. We offer 24-hour Emergency Response for both Residential and Commercial Management Companies. When disaster strikes - call us. We can get the job done!

DARI- Disaster Restoration services team specialized in the repair and restoration of fire/water damaged homes and commercial property. We respond to Residential and Commercial losses 24 hours a day - 365 days a year. As a service-oriented company, we work hand in hand with you and your insurance company. We take pride in helping you process the claim and restore your property to complete satisfaction. Our work is always performed in a timely manner, while keeping within your Insurance Company’s guidelines. We serve High-Point, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Jamestown, Summerfield, Burlington, Stokesdale, and surrounding areas.

We understand the important details - material specifications and the scheduling required to complete your job in a professional and timely manner. Our emphasis is on customer service. We are friendly, professional, and attentive to your ideas and needs.Contact us to find out how DARI can serve your needs!

Mission Statement “We are an experienced team of people dedicated to provide, develop and implement quality service. We build relationships as the foundation of our business. We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, but it’s our satisfied customers that drive our success.”

Common Concerns

Settlement of Your Claim: The first step after notifying your insurance company of the claim is agreeing to the scope of repair and pricing. We work closely with your adjuster to ensure that they will cover every detail to restore your home properly to a pre-loss condition. After the claim is agreed upon, your adjuster issues a check for all or part of the job. When you select DARI, you will sign a contract with us. All repairs are made according to the scope that all parties have agreed to. If the adjuster issues a partial payment for the job, we will help you collect the remaining portion from the insurance company once the job is complete.

Getting Started: When a contract is signed with DARI, we will introduce you to a DARI superintendent and walk the job with you before beginning restoration to your home. All of the picks for floor coverings, paint colors, cabinets, etc will be your choice.

Mortgage Company Endorsements: Often times, the Insurance Company will issue your settlement check to both you and your mortgage company. This check cannot be cashed without involving your mortgage company. Our office will make arrangements with your mortgage company regarding the check endorsements, payment schedules, inspections, affidavits and all other necessary documents required by your mortgage company. We work with almost all mortgage companies on a daily basis as a service to our clients. Simply let us know, and we will go ahead and get that process started for you.

Supplements: Any work or hidden damage not discovered during the initial estimation process is called a supplement to repairs. Our office staff will work with your adjuster to ensure the extra work is covered and will be paid for. This is a common occurrence on larger claims. An example of hidden damage would be finding more fire damaged roof framing after the removal of the roofing and sheeting. We will ensure that the Insurance Company compensates you for any hidden damage.

Betterments, Improvements, Additional Work: Should you want to upgrade or have other changes you wish to make, now is a good time to make changes. At the time of a loss, the cost of upgrading certain items is typically much lower than replacing them at a later date. It is possible to make trades within the scope (credits versus change orders), which often work out to being a no charge to you.

Permits/Engineering: Your job may require permits, plans and engineering in order to be repaired. DARI will take care of obtaining the permits and engineering. DARI will meet with the City Inspectors and Architects/Engineers at all stages of the job. The costs for the permit and any engineering will be paid for by your Insurance Company.

Personal Property: Insurance Companies may recommend someone to address cleaning or restoration of your furniture, clothing and other personal property items. DARI can also assist you with recommendations of professional Restoration Companies.

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