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Instantly following an accident, suicide, or criminal act, such as homicide, or any other traumatic event, large amounts of blood will most likely be present. If it is not cleaned up immediately, the blood will begin to spread and will be absorbed by materials, such as: concrete, asphalt, drywall, carpet, sub floor, grout, studs and floor joists. To aid in the prevention of unnecessary contamination and increased structural damage, it is vital that you contact a company trained in blood cleanup as quickly as possible.

DARI-Disaster is the go-to service company in Greensboro, Winston-Salem and surrounding areas for:

• Blood and pathogen cleaning
• Unattended death, homicide & suicide cleanup
• Trauma Scene Cleanup
• Crime scene clean-up and decontamination

DARI’s technicians have had comprehensive training in trauma and crime scene cleanup, blood cleanup, and in the use of effective chemicals, all of which are OSHA approved and 100% safe. Our technicians utilize their specialized training and state-of-the-art equipment to detect and remove all biohazard materials and restore your house or place of business to a safe environment.

Blood travels just like water does and a simple inspection of the scene will not reveal all traces of the blood. This is where the DARI Disaster Restoration Services blood cleanup technicians can help. Any type of crime scene or blood cleanup involves a complete and detailed procedure to detect, disinfect and completely remove all traces of blood pathogens, or biohazardous materials, such as; blood, bodily fluids, tissue & bone matter, hypodermic needles, and other items that may pose a risk of injury or death. For your safety, and the safety of your family and friends, it is vital that all traces of these elements be removed from a scene, whether a crime has been committed or not.

Licensed & Insured, DARI-Disaster technicians respond to incidents requiring the cleanup of a death scene, as well. Death scenes, such as: unattended death, homicide, or suicide- present a distinctive combination of problems for detectives and medical examiners, as well as for those tasked with the cleanup. DARI is a go-to unattended death, death scene cleanup, among law enforcement agencies in Greensboro, High Point, and Winston-Salem.

If you have not yet contacted us, please do so before signing a contract with any other company. Our knowledgeable and accommodating team can always help you to negotiate a fair price for the job at hand. Call us 24/7, 365 days a year at 336-510-4052!