asbestos removal


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Your Comprehensive Environmental Expert

D.H. Griffin has two in-house environmental teams to assist with all your needs.

D.H. Griffin Environmental is a full-service division of D.H. Griffin Wrecking Company, providing an array of environmental services to clients in conjunction with our demolition and infrastructure work or under separate contracts. We provide clients with Beneficial Use and Recycling options that prevent materials from entering the landfill. Our services include soil remediation and removal, waste management, waste disposal, tank cleaning, industrial cleaning, UST removal, and HAZWPR services.


Demolition & Asbestos Removal Inc., (DARI) was established in 1985 to provide environmental abatement support for D.H. Griffin Wrecking demolition projects. Today DARI is a full-service environmental abatement and selective demolition company serving clients across the Southeast. DARI offers the following professional services:

DARI has been recognized by Engineering News and Record as one of the Top 20 Firms in Asbestos Abatement in the United States since 2007, DARI ranks in the Top 10 (#8) among asbestos abatement firms - (ENR).

DARI has over 250 full time, trained, licensed and experienced abatement and demolition personnel. DARI will respond quickly and work safely to provide superior environmental services in residential, commercial, industrial or government settings.

Combining our experienced staff with our equipment resources and financial strength, DARI can provide environmental abatement and selective demolition services on projects of any size or complexity.