Used Bryan Boiler Model DR650-S150-FDG 15.5HP Boiler (SOLD)

Product No. THDI0120-0001
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Used Bryan Boiler Model DR650-S150-FDG 15.5HP Boiler. Rated 650/325 input MBH, 520 output MBH. Unit has 103 square foot heating surface area. National Board# 56857, S/N 97466. Unit is natural gas fired with min supply 7IWC, max supply 14IWC, manifold pressure 2.9 IWC. Electrical: Controls 1/60/120 volt. Motor circuit 3/60/460 volt. Equipped with Power Flame Burner model CRI-G-10, S/N 060933578. Comes with a Bryan model HFS-150-50-50 boiler feed system, consisting of one 50 gallon non-pressurized tank, (2) Grundfos model CRI-13 1.5HP pumps, and (1) Electromagnetic dosing pump for water treatment. Built 2009. FOB: Lenoir, NC

Location: Wilmington, NC

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