Used Edwards Fiberglass Inc. approxi 10,000 gallon vertical fiberglass Tank

Product No. SWIL0315-0003
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Used Edwards Fiberglass Inc. approximately 10,000 gallon vertical fiberglass storage tank.  12' diameter X 15' straight side.  Dished top with flat bottom. Design data:  Rated ATMOS @ AMB, with specific gravity of 1.0.  Liner Resin: CoRezyn 8301, Liner Reinf. C-Veil, Wall Resin: Isophthalic Wall Reinf.  Woven Roving Chopped Strand.  Wall fabrication method: Contact molded.  Top fittings: 24" manway, (1) 4" hole, (1) 4" threaded, and (1) 2" threaded.  (2) 4" side bottom outlets.    Built in 1994.  FOB: Wilmington, NC

Location: Stock located in Wilmington, NC

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