Unused diessel GMBH approx 30 sq ft rotating leaf T-316L S/S Filter

Product No. SGB01097-0013
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Unused diessel GMBH approx 30 sq ft rotating leaf jacketed pressure vacuum filter. Sanitary T-316L stainless steel construction. Built 1998, not used. Horizontal tank 21 1/2 in ID x 12 in deep, electroploished internally with clamps. ASME code stamped full VAC/87 PSI internal, 43 PSI jacket @ 300 deg F. stationary flat head with shaft mounted leaves, tank rolls back on stainless steel track to expose leaves. Has six (6) stainless steel leaves 21 in diameter with 1 1/2 in space between the leaves. Rotation of shaft mounted leaves is via chain & sprocket drive, sew Eurodrive with 0.8 kw motor, gear reducer with handwheel for varying the speeds. Fitted with seven (7) wash nozzles in tank for sluicing of the leaves. Can also be used for dry cake dishcarge. Unused. S/N 98182590. National Board #94. Spare set of unused leaves. FOB: Wilmington, NC

Location: Stock located inĀ Wilmington, NC

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