Unused Parker Hyperchill Process Water Chiller.

Product No. SGBO0121-0004
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Unused Parker Hyperchill Process Water Chiller. Model# PCW060AT3P5FMNXHC.  S/N 398814220004. Maximum cooling capacity 60989 BTU/hr.  Nominal/Maximum Water flow 12.2 GPM.  Air-cooled with (3) 1.75 HP fans.  Maximum water temp 86F.  Minimum ambient temp -4F, Maximum ambient temp 113F.  2 circuits power requirement 3/60/460.  Compressors are hermetic scroll type.  Tank is 132 gallon with a 3 HP pump.  Refrigerant 407C.  Overall dimensions 85.6" long X 35.4" wide X 76.9" tall.  Weight 2205#.  Built in 2015, but never installed still in the original crating.  FOB: Greensboro, NC

Location: Stock located in Greensboro, NC

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