Unused Atlas Copco Model GA200-W 125 PSI, Rotary Screw Compressor

Product No. ATEN0515-0010*
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Unused Atlas Copco Model GA200-W oil injected 125 PSI, Rotary Screw Compressor.  Reference Conditions:  Absolute inlet press 14.5 PSIA, Relative humidity 0%, Air inlet temperature 69=8F, Cooling water temperature 68F, Nominal working pressure 125 PSIG, and Drive motor shaft speed 1786 RPM.  Limitations: Maximum working pressure 132 PSIG, minimum working pressure 58 PSIG, maximum allowable air inlet temperature 104F, minimum allowable air inlet temperature 32F.  Maximum cooling water temperature of closed system inlet/outlet 104F/140F.  Maximum cooling water inlet pressure 145 PSIG.  Performance data:  Flow capacity at working pressures: 132 PSIG/1123 CFM, 125 PSIG/1127 CFM, 100 PSIG/1137 CFM, and 58 PSIG/1151 CFM.  Power Data: Siemens 250 HP, 3/60/4160 Volt TEFC motor, 1800 RPM.  Compressor design data: 1 stage, 2 compression elements, male rotor speed 1704 RPM, male rotor diameter 220 mm.  Equipped with Elektronikon MKIV Control Module.  Includes Penway air receiver.  Built 2010.  FOB: Lexington, NC

Location: Stock located in TN

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