Unused Aether dbs Aqua-Blend SNG skid (SOLD)

Product No. SWIL0519-0002
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Unused Aether dbs Aqua-Blend SNG skid.  Unit has Aqua-Blend Model WB800V water-bath vaporizer  800 GPH capacity, energy type: propane, Shell out surface area 52 sq. ft., coil inside surface area 98 sq. ft., Discharge pressure 90 PSIG, MAOP 250 PSIG, Electrical input 1/60/120volt, Energy Input 1.12 MM BTU/H.  Also contains Aqua-Blend Model 4054-3-10 Vapor-Jet venturi blending system and surge tank.  Capacity 64 MM BTU/H, Discharge pressure 10 PSIG, MAOP: 14.5 PSIG, Electrical Input 1/60/120 volt.  Complete skidded system is ready to be connected to customer's propane tank for instant SNG, "natural gas" replacement gas.  Also comes with Aether dbs Stabilizer skid to deliver the liquid propane to the SNG skid.  Model DB2-5-420.  MAOP: 45- PSIG, Electrical Input: 3/60/460 volt, rated Class 1, Division 1.  Built 2015. FOB: Wilmington, NC

Location: Located in Wilmington, NC

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