Miscellaneous 70 cu. ft. Nauta Parts

Product No. SJV02029-Nauta Parts
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Miscellaneous Nauta Parts for 70 cu. ft. JH Day Nauta.

(2) S/S Lumpbreaker shafts, (2) S/S Nauta Shafts for Screw (JH Item# 314494-3), (4) S/S Nauta Ball Supports (JH Item# 323579-4), (2) S/S Ball Seats-Lower (JH Item# 323580-1), (6) S/S Ball Shafts (JH Item# 323583-2), (4) Ball 4" diameter (rusted),(8) S/S Ball Seats-Upper (JH Item# 323581-2), (1) S/S Mounting Plate (for ball support) (JH Item# 323587-1) Swing Arm Assembly Parts: (2) S/S Screw Shafts (JH Item# 314494-3), (5) Shafts (73 degree bevel gear) (JH Item# 313895-1), (5) shafts (Long shafts in swing arm), (5) Gears 45 teeth 4P 3" face (JH Item# 31387).  Gear Box Parts (4) Worm shafts 3 are rusted and 1 is still wrapped (JH Item# DB298023-2)

Location: Stock located in Medford, NJ

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