Used Forklifts for Material & Inventory Management

Every industrial warehouse, plant and processing facility benefits from the nimbleness and lifting power of forklifts. A crucial part of any industrial operation, forklifts deliver materials where and when they’re needed, assist in loading/unloading and inventory storage, and enable countless other production processes. These muscular little rovers make all the right moves.

If your operation just suffered a loss of one of these workhorse machines, you’ll likely need a replacement fast. To get back up to full speed, check out our list of currently available used forklifts.

Find Used Forklifts From Top Brands

D.H. Griffin’s Used Equipment division specializes in re-purposing perfectly good industrial machinery. Our experienced team can help you realize substantive cost savings on forklifts from trusted manufacturers, like Toyota, Caterpillar, Inc., Bobcat, Hyster Yale Materials Handling Inc, Komatsu and Mitsubishi.

Search for every type of forklift, cushion tire or pneumatic tire forklifts, 3-wheel or 4-wheel options, electric or gas- and diesel-powered. We’ve helped many local and regional businesses by connecting them to needed equipment on a budget.

Check our listings often, as the best used equipment doesn’t stay in our inventory for long. Move fast to secure your top choice in used forklifts for sale at D.H. Griffin.

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