Used Pan Dryers

Are you having a hard time drying your product? Then check out our top of the line Hastelloy pan dryers for sale made by Cogiem. These dryers offer excellent corrosion resistance, high surface area to product ratio for faster drying times, delumpers to ensure uniform drying, and automatic product discharge for quicker turn around. Quality, efficient, and fast – this product does it all.

Pan dryers use a heated bottom and fast agitator to improve on the standard dryer design. These items were specifically designed to handle large batch drying applications. Our stock of reliable and affordable pan dryers have already proven their ability to get the job done. This is the perfect product catalog for you industrial needs. Do not let the competition fool you with poorly made cheap pan dryers. Go with the company that has been a proven leader in this field for over half a century.

Since 1959, our performance has earned the confidence of clients throughout the United States. The DH Griffin name has become synonymous with quality and reliability. These are not the times to make poorly researched decisions on products offered by run-of-the-mill firms. When you need to buy a pan dryer, make sure you search the selection of the best. Browse our pan dryer catalog and/or contact our sales representative for more information on these and other products.

Please contact one of our experts via email or at 252-378-4154 to inquire about our stock and see how our options are suited to meet your requirements.

At D. H. Griffin, we will service all your processing needs. Please take some time and browse through our inventory. Equipment can be searched alphabetically - from Agitators to Water Treatment equipment. If you don't find what you are looking for, please contact Jason Fornes at (252) 378-4154 or request information via email 24/7.
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