Industrial Used Dryers

Often used in the processing of food, chemicals, plastics, pharmaceuticals and many other industries, industrial dryers remove the excess moisture that can compromise the finished product. In fact, any industry that can be affected by humidity as it pertains to product stability can benefit from an industrial dryer.

If you've shopped for industrial dryers in the past, then you know they can be expensive. There is a cost effective way to get the equipment you need. Consider a used industrial dryer from DH Griffin. You can get used industrial dryers in good condition, saving you time and money. Start-ups can save big on upfront operating costs when they purchase a used industrial dryer instead of having to struggle with the excessive cost of new equipment.

Inventory for Used Industrial Dryers
We acquire used industrial dryers through several methods. Sometimes, we inherit good quality, used dryers that were left behind as part of a site demolition. Often, they're in excellent condition. Inventory turns over often. We suggest that you check our listing often to find the used industrial dryer that best meets your needs.

What condition are these used dryers in?
The condition of our used equipment can vary considerably. However, the industrial dryers we see are often in excellent operating condition. Inquire directly regarding the condition of any used industrial dryer you may see listed with DH Griffin. We're happy to discuss it in more detail with you.

D.H. Griffin's Promise to You
If you don't find the used dryer you're searching for, let us know. If we expect to one soon, we'll let you know. You can direct all inquiries to Jason Fornes via email or call him at (252) 378-4154.
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