Autoclave Equipment

During an industrial demolition project, we may acquire equipment that had been previously used in various sterilization, curing or high-pressure industrial processes. These may include autoclaves, vacuum pumps, boilers, agitators and other related industrial machinery. 

Used Autoclaves

An autoclave is typically a large steel vessel used to cure materials under intense heat and pressure. Autoclaves can last for long periods of time if well maintained. Additionally, they reduce downtime, function more efficiently and safely if maintained according to manufacturer's recommendations. This is important to note as new equipment can be prohibitively expensive. 

Used Autoclaves for Sale

Should you decide to purchase a used autoclave or related equipment, be sure to check the components that typically show the greatest wear. Valves, steam traps, and heating coils should be inspected. Make sure the vacuum pump is functional as poor maintenance can cause it to become imbalanced. Inspect pump bearings, if possible. The chances are, a service technician can remedy the situation on the spot or replace worn components if cleaning isn't possible.

Autoclaves from D.H. Griffin

At D. H. Griffin, we will service all your processing needs. Please take some time and browse through our used equipment inventory. Equipment can be searched alphabetically – from Agitators to Water Treatment equipment. If you don't find what you are looking for, please contact Jason Fornes at (252) 378-4154 or request information via email 24/7.
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