Siemens Medium Voltage Switchgear

Product No. ATEN0515-0102
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Siemens Type GMSG Medium Voltage Switchgear
2000 Amp main bus, 4760 Volt, 50/60Hz, 63KA Interrupting Capacity Single ended source or double ended source substations available. 3000A, 2000A and 1200A Siemens Type GMSG Circuit Breakers, Mechanically Operated, Electrically Operated, with adjustable solid state protective relays.
Switchgear Features:
--Fiber-optic and Modbus (RS-485) communications to power meter and relays.
--Siemens 9610 Digital Power Meter
--Protective Relays , Basler BE1-87T Transformer Differential (ANSI 87T function), Basler BE1-87B Bus Differential (ANSI 87B function), Siemens type 7SJ6215 TOC and Instantaneous (ANSI 50 /51 function), ABB Circuit Shield Sync Check (ANSI 25 function).
--Line VT’s and Bus VT’s
--Control Power Transformer 
--Arc Flash Safety provisions for “Closed Door Remote Racking Motor”, receptacles for remote racking and remote operation of breakers. 
--Mimic bus on front of switchgear.
--Test plugs for maintenance testing of components.
--Infrascan ports in rear of switchgear
--Siemens switchgear and breakers are currently in production so spare parts and upgrades are readily available.
FOB: Greensboro, NC

Location: Stock located in Greensboro, NC

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