Siemens Low Voltage Equipment

Product No. ATEN0515-0101
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Siemens Type WL Low Voltage Switchgear. 5000 Amp main bus, 3phase - 3wire, 480 Volt, 50/60Hz, 100KA Interrupting Capacity Single ended source or double ended source substations available. 5000A and 1600A Siemens Type WL Circuit Breakers, Mechanically Operated, Electrically Operated, and adjustable trip settings.

Switchgear Features:
--Modbus (RS-485) communications to power meter and breakers.
--Siemens 9610 Digital Power Meter
--Protective Relays, Basler BE1-87T Transformer Differential (ANSI 87T function), Basler BE1-47N Phase Sequence, Under Voltage, Over Voltage (ANSI 47, 27,& 59 function), Basler BE1-50 Timed Overcurrent / Instantaneous (ANSI 50 /51 function), Basler BE1-25 Sync Check (ANSI 25 function)
-Siemens TVSS Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor
--Arc Flash Safety provisions for “Closed Door Remote Racking Motor” (Limited Racking Motors available)
--Mimic bus on front of switchgear
--Test plugs for maintenance testing of components
--Infrascan ports in rear of switchgear
--Siemens switchgear and breakers are currently in production so spare parts and upgrades are readily available.
FOB: Lexington, NC

Location: Stock located in  Lexington, NC

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