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North Carolina Research Campus
Kannapolis, NC

DHGI was the prime site contractor for the complete infrastructure required for the development of the North Carolina Research Campus. This campus is located in Kannapolis, NC at the former Cannon Mills Location on Main Street. After D.H. Griffin Wrecking demolished the former mill, DHGI fell in and performed all facets of the site construction for the new 300 acre research facility. This work entailed the comprehensive erosion control work, the excavation and placement of 450,000 cubic yards of dirt; 21,000 LF of underground utilities and duct bank; and 22,500 square yards of fine grading for stone base and asphalt paving. The developer we worked directly under was Castle & Cooke of North Carolina, LLC.

Castle and Cooke

Project Summary:

Mass excavation of 450,000 cubic yards of materials
• 21,000 lf of underground utilities
• 15,000 LF of fine grading for concrete curbing
• 21,000 sf of fine grading for pavement
• 22,5000 SY of fine grading for stone base
• Erosion control for 300 acre site.

Project Completed:
Jan 2006 - Jan 2007

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