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General Contracting

Since our inception in 1995, D.H. Griffin Construction has been dedicated to providing quality general contracting services to our clients. Whether on a negotiated or design-bid-build basis, D.H. Griffin brings the right resources to make your project a success:

  • Dedicated project management
  • Timely communication
  • Cost-conscious decision making
  • Precision scheduling
  • Long-lasting relationships with experienced trade contractors
  • Thorough and methodical quality control

Our roots as a general contractor provide a strong foundation from which we approach our other services. As an active general contractor, we are very much in-tune to current market conditions. We know the local markets because we compete in them every day. We use this experience to your advantage by creating accurate schedules and competitive cost estimates.

D.H. Griffin holds an unlimited/building GC license in North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, South Carolina, Virginia and is capable of bonding individual projects up to the customer’s needs.

Design / Build
D.H. Griffin is an experienced design/builder, and has relationships with several design professionals throughout the MidAtlantic. We also bring Owner’s Representative experience, working as an extension of our customer’s staff. Whether it’s creating a new retail store in just a few weeks before the holiday shopping season, or finishing a project before grant money expires, there are several reasons why construction projects may require an extra speedy delivery. For those projects, owners often choose the design/build delivery method because it allows the design and construction phases to progress concurrently. For example, the builder can start the earthwork and foundations while the building systems and finishes are still being selected.

An added benefit of design/build contracts is that the owner only holds a single contract for both the architect and builder, as opposed to one for each. This contractual relationship also fosters a spirit of collaboration between architect and builder not found in other delivery methods.

Construction Management
D.H. Griffin Construction is a veteran when it comes to the Construction Management delivery method, having put into place more than a half-billion dollars worth of projects using CM delivery. Owners enjoy using this method of construction as it allows for much more input from construction professionals during the design phase, resulting in a project that runs smoothly, and with less surprises down the road. Typical services we provide under the CM model include:

  • Cost Modeling – Our team uses real-time construction cost data to create cost estimates during each phase of design that give the architect feedback and allow us to maximize the scope of your building for a given budget.
  • Value Engineering – D.H. Griffin’s value review and analysis will identify potential design, material, logistics or schedule items that may increase the performance outcome of the project.
  • Constructability Review – Pre-planning and sequencing of field construction activities before they begin results in simplified, smoothly running construction phases and more accurate cost estimates.
  • Quality Control – Both in the field and on building drawings, quality control ensures that our projects are built as they should be ­– exactly as the architect had envisioned and with quality workmanship our owners will be proud of.
  • Safety Planning ­– Safety is our top priority each day we’re on the job, and at D.H. Griffin, we plan for safe projects before even breaking ground.
  • Local and Minority Participation Planning – Through outreach events and direct contact with our subcontractor network, we are able to maximize local and minority contractor participation.


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