ABB Liquid Filled Transformer

Product No. ATEN0515-0106
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ABB Liquid Filled Transformer
Configuration: Delta-Wye (DYN1) 
Type: 3 Phase Insulation Fluid: Silicone 
Class: KNAN / KNAF KVA Rating: 3000 / 3360 
Voltages HV / LV: 33640 / 480Y-277 B.I.L. HV / LV: 200KV / 30KV
Impedance: 7.32%, Frequency: 60Hz, Tap Changer: 5 position, no load Instruction Book#: PC-1002, Fans: Yes, Total Weight: 21066 Lbs. Date of Manufacture: 08 / 2010
FOB: Greensboro, NC

Location: Stock located in Greensboro, NC

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