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Saw Cutting and Drilling Services

Sawing Cutting and Drilling ServicesDARI Concrete Sawing and Drilling has a fleet of self contained diamond saw trucks ready to mobilize to your job site to satisfy your particular cutting or drilling needs. Our cutting specialists are highly trained professionals backed by years of experience. Safety, integrity, quality, efficiency and satisfaction are our primary goals.

Flat Sawing / Slab Sawing
Flat sawing is used to cut most horizontal flat surfaces such as reinforced concrete floors, bridge decks, expansion and control joints, roofs, pavement, or any aggregate or asphalt surface. Flat sawing, also commonly referred to as Slab Sawing, features a diamond blade that is mounted on a walk behind machine that is either electric or gas powered. DARI’s diesel powered saws are equipped with catalytic mufflers and scrubbers and can cut to a maximum depth of 26”. DARI also offers Electric Slab Sawing, which is commonly used for interior cuts and trenching. Our state of the art electric slab saws can cut to a depth of 15”, which is better than the industry average of 12”. DARI saw cutting technicians have the skills and knowledge required for safe and effective flat sawing.

Saw Cutting and Drilling ServicesWall Sawing
Wall sawing is used to create precise openings for windows, doors and ventilation units. Wall sawing uses a track mounted diamond blade that can perform up to a 24”, allowing a 48” cut when cutting from both sides of a wall. Wall sawing can make vertical or horizontal cuts in concrete or masonry walls.

Wire Sawing
Wire sawing is another cutting method that is used when size, depth and accessibility of the cut does not allow for conventional cutting techniques. Wire sawing can be configured to cut difficult cuts in remote, restricted or hazardous locations. Wire sawing uses a flexible diamond studded wire that can also be used in underwater cutting, large, bulk removal projects and unlimited concrete thickness.

Chain/Hand Sawing
Diamond chain and/or hand-held chainsaw cutting of concrete are generally utilized when wall sawing can’t be performed in small, tight areas with limited accessibility. Hand saws are typically used for electrical, plumbing and HVAC applications. Chain sawing can provide precise corners with no overcuts and no chipping. In addition to precise cuts, hand sawing can be used for selective demolition applications. Hand saws require very little set up time and can be used to cut up to 10” thick, giving it an advantage over quick cut saws.

Saw Cutting and Drilling ServicesCore Drilling
Core drilling can be performed in reinforced concrete, steel, brick, block or stone. DARI can core drill anywhere you need precise circular cuts, up to 72” diameter to virtually any depth. Typically used for plumbing lines, floor drains, HVAC openings, anchor holes and electrical and fiber optic runs. Line drilling uses a series of overlapping cores to produce any size opening. Our core drillers have the necessary training and knowledge to use the equipment safely and correctly to achieve the required results.

Surface prep is an industry- accepted term for the mechanical preparation of concrete and other surfaces. Concrete slab surfaces can sometimes be modified or repaired, rather than replaced, saving time and money. Surfaces are also modified to look different, for skid resistance or to provide better bonding surfaces for coatings. The most commond equipment utilized for surface prep is grinding. Grinding uses specialized blade with diamonds on the side to level uneven surfaces or roughen surfaces. Typical uses include leveling doorways, restoring smoothness on concrete surfaces such as roads and driveway approaches, as well as artistic expression and better coating adherence.

Saw Cutting and Drilling ServicesBreaking and Removal
DARI Concrete Sawing and Drilling has numerous methods for breaking up concrete depending on the project application and size. As one of the D. H. Griffin Companies, DARI’s equipment resources include access to some 600 pieces in the DHG fleet, including concrete pulverizers and munchers. DARI can provide turnkey cutting, crushing and debris removal for any size project.

Experienced operators and state of the art equipment set DARI apart as a leader in the field of professional concrete cutting contractors. Email us today or call us at (919) 772-4711 to discuss your project needs.

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